Hunt: Showdown is getting a live action TV show

Hunt: Showdown is getting a live action TV show

Binge, the still-unlaunched streaming TV platform aimed at adapting gaming properties like System Shock, and Driver, has signed another name to its roster: Crytek's Hunt:Showdown. The cooperative, competitive, demon-hunting slasher shooter has stumbled along to some success over the past few years, but with its theme being its strongest selling point, a TV adaptation makes a lot of sense.

"Hunt: Showdown is a heart-pumping survival game with incredible lore that’s ripe for a live-action series adaptation," Bing' produced, Vincent Talenti said. "We’re excited to drop viewers deep into the bayou and have them come face to face with monsters and hunters alike."

Most interesting, however, was a follow up statement by fellow Bing producer, Allan Ungar, who said that "we anticipate [this] will be the first of many collaborations with Crytek."

That hints at other major Crytek properties making the leap to the small screen.

That begs the question, is Binge a powerful enough streaming network? Can it run Crysis?

As this is just the initial signing of Hunt: Showdown, don't expect the show to appear on Binge any time soon. Indeed Binge needs to launch before it can, but the streaming network is building a strong library of properties which many fans have wanted to see in other forms for some time. When Binge does debut, it may well draw a decent amount of interest.