Hunt: Showdown showcase shows why you don't want to be showy

Hunt: Showdown might be about teaming up with a friend to wade into the swamps and backwaters of America to hunt some seriously demonic entities, but you won't be doing so guns blazing. While there will be time to lock and load - firing on the undead and your rival hunting teams - the best way to win a game of Hunt: Showdown will be to stay quiet, at least for a while.

In the latest developer showcase of Hunt: Showdown with IGN, we see some players attempting to tackle a nasty demonic threat in the daylight, but that just means you need to take extra special care to be stealthy. That's not something these players do and it costs them.

Right from the get go you can see how pretty the game is. Considering it's developed by Crytek, this should be no surprise, but it really aids the stealth and tension mechanics in the game. Staying hidden from other players and the undead enemies is key, as if either discovers you before you see them, you're going to have a bad time. That means avoiding potential sources of noise. In one instance in the above video, our players put down a wounded horse to stop it crying out. But they do so with a gun. That was not a smart move.

This video shows how the game has evolved from its original Left 4 Dead clone idea, into something a little more contemporary. It now clearly draws inspiration from battle royale and survival games, as well as featuring a little element of PVPVE games, hunting titles like Monster Hunter and Evolve and more.

It's going to be an interesting game. When it releases though is anyone's guess.

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