Hunt: Showdown's pond monster will make the swamps more deadly

Crytek's cooperative, horror shooter, Hunt: Showdown is a pretty deadly game. If the demons and zombies don't get you, or the undead hounds don't tear you apart, the other players will shoot you down and take your loot. One area that has proved to be surprisingly safe though are the swamps. The water makes it a little easier to hear enemies coming and you can hide among the mangroves too. With that in mind, Cryek has something up its sleeve to make the swamps a less attractive place to visit.

"We noticed that a lot of people were feeling very safe in the water," marketing manager Angela De Castro told PCGamesN at E3. "Too safe, you might say. I myself would hear gunshots, and I would take a shortcut through the water and everything would be fine. We don't want that to happen any more - we want it to be super high-tension all the way through the match."

When the next update is released in the near future, gamers who stray into the water in Hunt: Showdown will have to contend with a new tentacled beast known as the Water Devil.

While that will prove a deadly threat to players though, there will also be some new armaments to take on foes new and old. A vintage crossbow provides stealthy attacks at a distance while throwing knives and hand crossbow provide a little more close-range stealthy shots. Sticky bombs give them a bit more hitting power against high-powered targets too.

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