Iconic Dust2 map is coming back to CS:GO after revamp

One of the most beloved classic Counter Strike maps is Dust2 and it's making its big comeback in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, following its removal from active competition in February earlier this year. At the time people were confused why it was shown the door after so many years of iconic matchups across its Middle-East setting. It turns out it's because Valve wanted to make some improvements to it.

The announcement for the revamped Dust2 map came from the official CS:GO Twitter account, saying that the map would be "updated, refined" when re-released. It also teased that beta players would gain access to it first, with it being the next map added to the testing version of the game.

It came with a small picture of the map too, giving us our first and (for now) only taste of what Dust2 might look like when it's brought back. Valve hasn't detailed what the changes it's made are, though considering the map's impact on Counter Strike and gaming's history, you would hope that at most it updated the visuals and fixed any bugs. Leaving the major choke points and sight lines in place would be a must, you'd hope.

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