Id Recommends Nvidia for Doom 3

Id Recommends Nvidia for Doom 3

It's official, you need an Nvidia card to get the most out of Id's Doom 3 while you also have to possess an ATI board if you want to enjoy Valve's Half-Life 2 to the full.
Nvidia has secured Id's coveted "recommended for Doom 3" logo for its GeForce FX family of graphics processing units.

For those of you worried about what this recommendation means in practical terms, we are about to reveal its exact significance, pay attention. All new GFX cards will carry a large sticker confirming this recommendation while even more importantly, when the game is released it will have an Nvidia sticker on its box and will most probably feature Nvidia's Way it's meant to be played little trailer when loading. Even though these are shocking changes and extremely important for all gamers, we also want to include Nvidia's official statement which follows:

NVIDIA is pleased to announce that id Software recommends the GeForce FX family of graphics processing units for DOOM 3. The rich feature set and programmability of GeForce FX GPUs enable the gripping world of DOOM 3 to come to life with real-time dynamic lighting and shadow, while raw horsepower delivers non-stop multi-player action at lightning-fast frame rates. Look for this sticker on video cards equipped with a GeForce FX GPU, and witness the mind-blowing detail of the DOOM 3 experience - the way it's meant to be played.

Well if Valve can cash-in(g) on gamer anticipation of its H-L 2 title there is no reason to complain if Id do it too. As far as we know however, you will not get any Doom 3 voucher when purchasing a top-of-the-range Nvidia board.

Follow the download tab above to find the full details on Nvidia's nZone sub-site.