Intel may launch custom 10900KS CPU

Intel may launch custom 10900KS CPU

Intel may be set to debut a special edition of its top-tier 10900K CPU, known as the 10900KS. If true, it would likely be similar to the special edition 9900KS: a specially binned version of the 10900K that has a higher all-core boost clock and will be capable of even greater overclocking potential. Considering the 10900K is already capable of a 4.8GHz all-core turbo clock, a 5GHz all-core speed is highly likely.

This rumor comes from WCCFTech via some intriguing language in an Intel Terms and Conditions document. As dry as that proposition sounds, it mentions a 10900KS chip in a qualifying list, suggesting that a superclocked 10900KS could be around the corner.

It is a bit of a surprise, however, as Intel's Rocket Lake S CPUs are slated for a March release. Those chips will make use of a backported Ice Lake mobile architecture to improve IPC on the 14nm process one more time before the 10nm desktop Alder Lake release later this year. Why would Intel feel the need to release a special 10900K when the 11900K and other chips are so close to release?

It could be that Intel has excess stock of its 10900K CPUs and wants to shift at least the best of them before it totally moves on to a next generation, but it also raises questions about the multi-threaded performance of its new-generation chips. Rocket Lake will top out at 8 cores and 16 threads due to size constrains on the 14nm process for such a new architecture. That would leave AMD with a four, and 16-core advantage for its top of the line Ryzen 5000 CPUs, easily beating out Intel's best.

Perhaps a superclocked 10900KS would be more competitive.

Even then it seems like a strange time to release it. Perhaps a Rocket Lake delay is incoming?

Image source: WCCFTech