Intel next-gen Iris graphics could be as powerful as entry-level GPUs

Early specifications for Intel's 12th-generation Xe Iris graphics have leaked online, giving us a taste of what they may be capable of. The new-generation GPU architecture will make its way into both Intel's upcoming dedicated graphics cards and its next-gen Tiger Lake CPUs. The first hint of how capable this new-generation GPU line will be came with the leak of DG1 performance numbers, but that card is more focused on enterprise.

However, those numbers could prove important for this next comparison, which suggests that the Tiger Lake onboard GPU performance could be comparable to DG1. That could be huge, because it would suggest that Tiger Lake CPUs without any form of dedicated graphics, could have a GPU that's as capable as a GTX 1050. That would be a massive boost in overall onboard graphics performance, making the need for an additional GPU largely unnecessary for some of the world's most popular games.

Tiger Lake Iris Xe graphics are said to have up to 96 execution units, giving it around 768 shader units. This is the top end configuration, so weaker alternatives might be more equivalent to a GTX 950, or 940, but that's still a major uplift over existing Iris Plus options, and certainly over older HD 620 and similar offerings.

Tiger Lake CPUs are set to launch on mobile platforms this summer, with the potential first chips showing up in the coming weeks.

Thanks VideoCardz.

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