Just Cause 4 confirmed through Steam Link

If there was any question of whether Avalanche Studios was working on another Just Cause game, Valve's Steam platform has answered it for us, as a leak has confirmed Just Cause 4 is on its way. The official artwork for the game appeared as a pre-purchase popup on Steam, showing off the game's title and its typical protagonist, Rico Rodiguez, touting a hefty firearm and looking out over a lightning-struck landscape.

The Just Cause series of games are some of the best anarchy simulators available, with enormous sandboxes for players to explore on foot, planes, boats, cars and bikes, or through using Rico's grappling hook. Just Cause 3 was the epitome of this ideal, but Just Cause 4 will look to expand upon that in numerous ways... we'd imagine.

In the background of the image -- grabbed by freelance gamers journalist, Steven Oz -- you can see a Square Enix logo, suggesting that the Japanese publisher will continue to act as the publisher for the famously independent Avalanche Studios.

There are no more details for Just Cause 4 just yet, but with E3 fast approaching, we'd expect it to be unveiled officially there, possibly during Square's main showing on June 11 at 10AM PDT.

Other Avalanche games that are likely to make an appearance at the E3 show include Rage 2 and possibly its own-published, Generation Zero, a first-person shooter that's set to be released at some point in 2019.

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