Kingdom Come: Deliverance DLC wants you to manage a village

Kingdom Come: Deliverance might not have turned out to be the barn-burner of an action RPG that many people hoped it would be, but it's a solid -- albeit beautiful -- open world medieval game with a few unique quirks that make it worth checking out. Once you're done with the story though, you might be interested to try out the new DLC, From the Ashes, which puts you in control of one of the game's villages. It's up to you to help it prosper through correct management.

The village starts off completely destitute, with no buildings left standing and just a few tents for creature comforts. You have some villagers to help you construct the buildings though and plenty of nearby raw materials to help you get started. It's not about building certain structures and where, but about managing the finances and needs of the village until it can become self-sufficient and ultimately provide you with income of its own for you to spend how you please in its Kingdom Come's medieval world.

If you succeed there are some great buildings you can put together and they give you unique benefits. You'll not need to look for apothecaries or religious buildings, town halls, or woodworkers. They're all yours in your own village.

Assuming that you don't mess up of course.

If you run out of money or lose your reputation, you may lose your title and have to start again

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