Leisure Suit Larry Creator Bashes At Box Office Bust

Leisure Suit Larry Creator Bashes At Box Office Bust

"All I know about BOB [Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust] is what I've read online. VU (and later Activision, Team 17 and Codemasters) did not consult me nor discuss anything about this game with me. In fact, they've expressed no interest in me whatsoever!," Al Lowe, the original creator of Leisure Suit Larry wrote on his blog. "For a while, I hoped that they would remember to send me a review copy. Now that the reviews are in, it's just as well that they didn't!"

Al noted that the game's Executive Producer, John Melchior, wanted to make a game that "Al Lowe would like to play." "I wonder why he didn't just ask me?," Al Lowe commented.

Lowe noted the game's MetaCritic's average score of 28%, then he quoted several reviews.

"you will want to use heavy machinery to crush everyone involved in its creation, from the person responsible for drawing Larry's hateful face to the person who put the staples in the manuals," reads EuroGamer's review. "hateful, toss, stupid, tedious, terrible, dreadful, pathetic. That about sums it up, but just to be clear: do not buy this game. You will not only want your money back, you will want reimbursement for the electricity consumed by your Xbox 360 in the six minutes it took to realise you had made a horrible mistake." EuroGamer gave the game a score of 2 of 10.

In the end, Al Lowe thanked VU Games "for keeping me completely away from this latest disaster!"