LG TVs will soon Stream your Steam library through GeForce Now

LG TVs will soon Stream your Steam library through GeForce Now

If you own an LG TV from the past year or two, then you may have cause for excitement, as LG has partnered with Nvidia to add GeForce Now streaming compatibility with a number of its webOS TVs, potentially making it possible for you to play your entire Steam Library on your TV, with no complicated local streaming setup. You'll still need to pay the $10 a month fee for priority access if you want to game at higher detail settings and frame rates (and for more than an hour at the time) but as far as free upgrades go, this is a good one.

GeForce Now is arguably the best game streaming service available, with a high quality, lag-free stream on all of its tiers. It gets a little expensive at the top end, but that does let you play at up to 100 FPS on 1440p with ray tracing enabled, so that's not so bad. The list of supporting games is wide, and growing all the time too, supporting smaller indie games, and the most popular AAA releases.

It's also a particularly good option at the moment considering the terrible overpricing of modern graphics cards. Instead of paying thousands for a decent GPU, you could just spend a hundred bucks over the next year for equivalent top-tier gaming.

There are a number of ways to use GeForce Now already, including your browser, phone, desktop app, and Nvidia's Shield set top box, but LG TVs will soon gain the function too. It's not yet been announced which TVs specifically, and it will most likely be limited to newer TVs which have faster onboard processing, but it's expected to include most of the major brands from 2020 and 2021.

If you already have an LG TV, keep an eye on the available apps. You may see GeForce Now appear there pretty soon.