Madden and NHL On TV

Madden and NHL On TV Madden and NHL On TV

Madden '95 and NHL '95 from EA Sports are now available for sports fans and gamers with EA Sports TV Games from JAKKS Pacific, now at retailers nationwide. EA Sports TV Games is a plug-it-in and play gaming system that contains both Madden '95 and NHL '95 videogames in a single controller.

All that is needed are batteries and a TV - no videogame consoles or gaming cartridges are required. Simply plug EA Sports TV Games into the A/V jacks of any standard television set, turn it on and play! The lightweight, compact, all-inclusive controller has all the hardware and software built right in. This technology allows sports gaming fans to enjoy their favorite EA Sports games with just one single purchase.

EA Sports TV Games is one of the first TV Games units with built-in memory to allow gamers to save season progress, create a team, and store game and team data throughout each season. There is also a 2-player unit available, so gamers can go head to head in competition.

Additional EA Sports TV Games features:

Madden '95:
- 28 League teams, The All-Madden Team and two unlockable teams
- Over 70 plays, including 44 Madden-designed defensive plays
- Three Game Modes: Exhibition, Season and Playoffs
- Read and react to offensive holes and defensive pursuit angles

NHL '95:
-Five Game Modes:
-Practice: Play 2 on 2-jam mode with just 4 skaters grinding it out on the ice
-Season: Compile team and player stats throughout an entire 84 game season
-Playoffs: Battle against the league's best to claim the Stanley Cup
-Shoot Out: 1 on 1 match up
-Exhibition Matches
-Trade or create players between teams or create-your-own NHL super star
-In-depth statistics, trades, and player creation

EA Sports TV Games retails for approximately USD 24.99 for the single controller and USD 34.99 for the 2-player unit, and is now available at mass merchants, electronics, toy and specialty retailers nationwide.