Make Mass Effect 1-3 look better than ever with new 4K mod

The Mass Effect series might be a little hit or miss depending on which game you're talking about and who you talk to about it, but there's no doubt that it had a big impact on the state of contemporary gaming and in their day, the games tended to look rather great (ignoring the bizarrely amateur looking Andromeda). The games aren't ageing that well though, which is why the newly revamped 4K mod for the original trilogy is so exciting.

The ALOT (A Lot of Textures) mod for ME1, 2 and 3 uprates the games' textures to 4K and that has a dramatic impact on the fidelity of many aspects of each game. The latest version also improves the installation and overhauls the look and feel of the mod for what the developers call greater "consistency."

It brings together community textures, those created by famed modders, and developers to create the best looking Mass Effect experience yet seen.

As PCGamesN points out, you can also use this mod series with the already popular MEUITM texture pack for even better-looking environments in Mass Effect 1.

Although installation is easy, the mod creators do suggest you turn off automatic updates for the game(s) in Origin, as there is a chance that any patches released could overwrite the mod files.

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