Mewgenics will have daily quests, sort of

Mewgenics is the upcoming PC game from Team Meat, the same pair that brought you Super Meat Boy and one half of which also developed The Binding of Isaac and Gish, and it's been all quiet on the developmental for the past month or so. Over the weekend though we got our first Caturday update in a while, detailing a bit more about the daily visitors you'll have as the resident cat lady/farmer.

While we've met a few of the main characters from the game in its musical trailer and in subsequent screenshots (including: Tink, Butch, Baby Jack, Frank, Tracy and Dr Beanies), there's apparently far more to the game than just that handful of individuals. And your hundreds of cats.

Stacy's one of them and she really likes the way you walk. There's a load of others too which are going to be revealed in the coming weeks, but you'll also meet them regularly in-game, as one of them is likely to pop by most days of the (real) week, to either give you a daily quest or to offer you something. Some of them you'll only ever meet via letter. I suppose they're shy or something.

"Most of these new side characters will appear, and ask something of you.. or maybe offer you something?" said Team Meat on its blog. "Or maybe they will just help you break into the cat genetics lab? There is still a great deal about mewgenics we haven't talked about... but lets pace ourselves."

Team Meat also announced that a new cat AI was being implemented at the moment, which should make the game a whole lot more interesting.

There's still no real projected release for the game, other than this year, so we'll just have to keep our ears and eyes peeled for now and await the next Caturday update.

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