Microsoft isn't buying Discord after all

Discord looks set to continue to operate as an independent entity following weeks of rumors that several major corporations were interested in picking up the social application and its encompassing ecosystem. Microsoft was the biggest name in that pile, with suggestion that it could spend as much as $10 billion on the alleged acquisition. That's not happening either.

Reportedly, Discord has been on the lookout for a buyer for some time now, with the owners floating the possibility of a buyout to a number of companies. Microsoft was part of that discussion, as well as Amazon, but whatever offers were made — and they were reportedly very large, at least monetarily — they clearly weren't what Discord Inc was looking for, so it will now remain independent.

Discord may sell one day in the future, though. With almost 150 million monthly users, it is an enormous ecosystem of potential revenue to tap into for major companies, and its chat server system is popular and well liked, despite its overt flaws. The Discord Nitro premium service could very easily be bundled into existing premium subscription packages like Amazon Prime, or Microsoft's Gamepass too.

Whether that stopgap solution will be realized at some point without a major sale, remains to be seen. For now, Discord will continue to operate as it always has done. It also retains the option of launching an IPO and going public, which could present and intriguing opportunity for stock traders to enjoy some of its successes. No doubt Gamestop stonks holders would love to get in on that action.

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