Microsoft Launches New Sleek, Quiet Xbox 360

Microsoft Launches New Sleek, Quiet Xbox 360

Maybe you don't like the look of the Xbox One or the PS4, you don't want a Wii U and your PC is already up to date - what's a gamer to spend their hard earned money on? Microsoft's got another option up its sleeve: a new Xbox 360!

This isn't the Xbox 360 of 2005 though, or the revised arcade edition, or the new "pro" version, nor any of the revised versions of GPUs and cooling setups we've seen to date. This is an entirely new Xbox 360, and according to Microsoft it'll be "smaller, sleeker and quieter then ever."

We've got a picture of it, though of course you've seen that already since you clicked it to get here. So what else do we know?

Unfortunately, not much. Microsoft has yet to reveal pricing information, or hard drive size, but we can see that the design mimics that of the Xbox One, with its stack friendly shape and split material front panel design. It also looks likely to come bundled with Kinect.

I'm going to take a guess that the internal hardware has gone through a die shrink, dropping a few nanometres off its size and helping to reduce the thermal footprint and power draws. Cooling might even be able to switch to passive if Microsoft have managed to cool it down enough - that would certainly calm down the decibel output; though the worst culprit was always the high spin DVD drive.

What do you guys think of this news? If you don't have an Xbox 360, does this tempt you?

Image Source: Kotaku