Microsoft will keep some future Bethesda games as Xbox exclusives

Microsoft will keep some future Bethesda games as Xbox exclusives

Microsoft's recent acquisition of Bethesda was a surprise one, and a sad one for many who love the cross-platform play of many of Bethesda's older games. We won't be making Skyrim multi-platform jokes in the future, as Microsoft will reportedly be keeping some of the company's future games as exclusives on Xbox and PC.

Bethesda's games, most notably Skyrim, but many others too, have crossed platforms like few others. It's become a meme that every new system that comes out gets Skyrim and Fallout games. That will probably happen with at least the next one of each of those major franchises, but after that, it seems likely that Microsoft will hoard those mega-franchises for itself.

In an address to fans and media alike, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that "some new titles in the future will be exclusive to Xbox and PC players," though didn't go into detail about which ones those might be. All current project exclusives like Deathloop and Ghostwire: Toyko will be honored, so don't expect them to make the leap to Xbox from their home on PlayStation, but don't expect any sequels to make their way to the Sony system either.

It's not yet clear whether long standing games like Starfield which have been in development for years will be as cross platform as they might have been, but if there's anything laid down for a game already and the public is aware of it, expect Microsoft to honor those arrangements.

What kind of games do you think Microsoft will limit to Xbox and PC in the future?