Mini Wii Coming Soon?

Wii U Small

Despite the fact that the Wii U has been released for over a week now in the US and will be debuting in Europe in the next few days, rumours have been abound that a miniature version of the Wii will be released, becoming the definitive iteration of the previous gen system.

The rumour comes from Nintendo World Report from an as-yet, unnamed retailer. The details are thin on the ground, but it's thought at the moment that the smaller form factor machine will come with a Sensor Bar, Nunchuk and Wii Remote Plus with Jacket.

There's no word on what has been done to get the size reductions either. The first shrink of the Wii saw the removal of the Gamecube controller ports - the only real way to play Smash Bros in my opinion - so perhaps we'll see a removal of something else? What though is anyone's guess.

We could be looking at a die shrink of the GPU or CPU, as both of them are built on a historic 90nm process at the moment.

A big space saver would be to remove the disc drive, but considering the tiny internal and external memory options for the Wii - and it's inability to play the majority of Wii games without it - that's unlikely to happen.

What do you guys think will be tweaked to get the size down if this rumour proves to be true?