Moment of Silence Needs Time

Moment of Silence Needs Time Moment of Silence Needs Time

Digital Jesters has announced that the forthcoming title 'The Moment of Silence' has been pushed back until November 2004. The game is scheduled to appear as a four-disc extravaganza just in time to make use of the holiday season.

Not only will the game feature 75 stunning locations designed by award-winning CG artists and more than 500 interactive screens, it will now feature a massive 30 minutes of motion video.

The Moment of Silence is a high-tech political thriller. Players step into the shoes of Peter Wright, a communications designer currently working on the Government's 'Freedom of Speech' campaign. When a SWAT team storms his neighbour's apartment, it is Peter's job to uncover the truth behind his mysterious disappearance.

Leo Zullo, marketing director, Digital Jesters, explained some of the reasons for the delay: The sheer size of The Moment Of Silence has meant that unfortunately we have had to push back the release date. If this means waiting an extra month to make this game one of the biggest graphical adventures ever seen on the PC then we are all for it. As I am sure all those who play it will be.

Game Features

- Pre-rendered backgrounds and 3D characters

- A unique, highly immersive espionage thriller story

- Spectacular scenes and actions

- True-to-life characters with strong biographical background

- Fascinating, well researched visions of the near future

- 75 locations, designed by award-winning CG artists

- More than 500 interactive screens and 35 speaking 3D characters

- 30 minutes of full screen video

- Eight hours of professional voice acting

- Lip synchronisation using phonetic voice analysis

- Motion captured animation

- Real-time facial expressions

The Moment Of Silence will be released by Digital Jesters for PC in November 2004, with a suggested retail price of GBP 29.99 (USD 54).