Monster Breeeding game does true monster mixing right

Monster breeding games rarely live up to the hype that the idea promises. The evolutions, combinations, and offspring are all pre-baked and result in cool, but predictable, results. One fan of the genre has been working on taking things further, and the results are already impressive. They feature true, unpredictable, monster cross breeding that leads to unique combinations, thanks to the clever implementation of procedural 3D models.

In the latest example of the tech at work, we see how different monsters can contribute their own unique characteristics to their offspring, result in some squirmy lizards, crown-wearing dragons, a swimming dragon, and more. The monsters also change as they age, evolving new features and abilities.

Ultimately, the game will feature a battle system, a small open world to explore with NPCs to interact and battle with. There will also be a range of monsters to collect and catch, but a much greater array of options once you start inter-mingling the different creatures together.

The game is still in the relatively early stages, and it's being developed by just one man, known by the name of Rujik the Comatose. Still, they're making steady progress, so you can follow along with them to see how the game development goes.

What kind of strange combination of monsters would you like to see in a game like this?

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