The Monster Hunter Movie will debut on Christmas day, for some reason

In case you wanted to avoid giving your granny a deadly virus this Christmas by increasing your own risk of getting it, then on December 25 you could brave an IMAX cinema or traditional theater to see the Monster Hunter movie, helmed by Milla Jovavich, the actress who's husband casts her in the Resident Evil movies. This finally nails down a debut of the film, after it was moved multiple times throughout the year due to a difficult shooting schedule and then proposed delays because of the pandemic.

Based on the Monster Hunter game franchise, the movie takes on a somewhat different tack to the series. Instead of it being entirely based within a fictional world, the movie interpretation has Jovavich as Captain Natalie Artemis, a military officer who is fantastically transported, along with her fellow soldiers, into the Monster Hunter dimension. The eccentricities of the game world are all there, from over the top weapons and amor, to talking cats, and the eponymous monsters.

As you might expect from such a horrific mashup of styles, Ron Perlman will lend his silken voice and unique acting talent to the picture. Tony Jaa brings a little more authenticity to the ensemble too.

If it does have one thing going for it, the film's CGI looks rather well done and there are several of the game series' most iconic monsters, including Diablos, and Rathalos. Anyone going in to see this film should know what to expect though.

Here's the latest trailer for the film. If it leaves you wanting more, you'll have your chance to see it in full on Christmas day.

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