Monster Hunter Tri Wii Servers Shutting Down Today


If you're a big Monster Hunter Tri fan, as I am, then today is a sad day, as from now on, we'll never be able to hop online and fight such behemoths as the Jhen Mohran, the Alatreon and of course, the High Level hunter's real nemesis, the Deviljho.

These monsters are only available online, so there will be no way to fight them on Tri after today, but likewise online account progression will be essentially gone too - since you won't be able to access those characters. Weapons and armour options will be reduced and playing with others beyond local arena play won't be possible either.

Of course there is Monster Hunter Ultimate on the Wii U if you fancy spending a couple of hundred quid on a console without much else to entice you. The big one to look forward to though is Monster Hunter Ultimate, which will be a big PC, CryEngine 3.0 MMO coming later this year, now that looks good.

As for Tri, it will go down as one of the best multiplayer games on the Wii, a console that was great for local play but pretty poor for online connectivity. Tri even ended up being the most played game of all on the console, in terms of play time, with the average gamer racking up well over 50 hours.

I myself managed over 300 in the end. I did leave it running over night once by accident, but otherwise, that's a lot of play time and I'd put it up there with Mount and Blade as one of my favourite games of all time.

What about you guys? Any fond memories of Tri? How long did you end up playing it for?