MSI is making RTX 3060 Ti GPUs for mining

MSI is making RTX 3060 Ti GPUs for mining

As if graphics cards weren't in short enough supply already, MSI is splitting off some of its stock to create cards just for miners. These GPUs will be extra efficient, and be slightly cheaper to produce without the usual video outputs. Based on the RTX 3060 Ti design, the Miner series has been registered with the ECC, so we can expect it to launch into the wild sometime in the coming months.

For those holding cryptocurrency, the recent rise in value of Bitcoin and many of its altcoins is something to celebrate. That brings problems for gamers, however, as in a similar fashion to 2017, GPU mining will explode, which leads to big shortages of GPUs and price rises of the ones that are available. Good luck finding what you want in the next six months. It's going to be a real problem.

Whether MSI helps with the creation of mining specific cards is anyone's guess. While the most power efficient cards are the best for mining, typically we've seen those cards just get snapped up first (at prices miners can afford to pay, while gamers can't) and then the less efficient GPUs have been bought as everyone piles on.

If they prove successful, however, expect many other manufacturers to pile on. Cards that offer a better return on investment are worth paying for, and with their lower requirements than gamers demand, they can end up making a greater profit for the manufacturers too.

Everyone wins, except the gamers.