N-Gage Goes on Tour

N-Gage Goes on Tour

Nokia have begun accepting U.S. pre-orders for their N-Gage gaming device and have also announced an extensive European tour, allowing gamers to try out the console before its launch on October 7th, 2003.

Nokia has just started the marketing push, aimed to convince gamers that the N-Gage is a gaming device worth having. With a wide selection of titles already onboard, Nokia have already created a credible and appealing gaming platform, they now have to demonstrate how the various features of the console can be used in order to enhance the gaming experience.

In order to allow gamers to see for themselves the company will launch its European tour on August 9th 2003.
The N-Gage Tour will visit more than 50 cities in 16 European countries, with the European finals in Paris on October 4, 2003.

The N-Gage Tour will allow gamers to compete against each other as part of the N-Gage Challenge. The highest scoring players above the age of 18 from each country will be invited to compete in a European final in Paris on October 4, 2003 where one overall winner will be crowned European N-Gage Champion.

Key Tour Facts:
Kicks off 9 August, 2003 in Helsinki
Visits 16 European countries
More than 50 cities and events
European final in Paris on October 4, 2003

The Nokia N-Gage is the first mobile wireless game deck to offer multiplayer gaming over Bluetooth and GPRS, and launches globally on October 7, 2003. As well as being a game deck, the N-Gage also has a built in mobile phone and features an MP3 player and a stereo FM radio.

U.S. Pre-Orders

Nokia are now offering U.S. gamers the chance to pre-order their gaming device, you will find the link to do so by following the download tab above.