New AC4: Black Flag Trailer Blends Old and New

New AC4: Black Flag Trailer Blends Old and New

A new trailer for the next Assassin's Creed game has been released, showing off some very traditional gameplay, along with some of the newer ship to ship combat that we're expecting of the upcoming sequel.

Of course befitting the time period, there's a few guns mixed in with the usual AC wrist blades, but all the classics make an appearance. There's jumping from rooftops, swan diving from the yard arm and of course the drop-from-great-height-and-stab kill.

"Captains will curse our flag and kings will fear it," says the protagonist narrator - Edward Kenway - who is shown throughout slaying people with gun, sword and cannon, in a mixture of differing combat styles. Clearly his repertoire is impressive.

Near the end we get a couple of very brief sequences that show some interesting promise. A quick shot of Blackbeard the pirate, who has been confirmed as an NPC within the game, as have other famous pirates, including: Benjamin Hornigold, Anne Bonny, Jack Rackham and Charles Vane.

We also see Kenway facing off against a large shark, deep under the surface of the ocean. How this sort of combat mechanic will play out could be quite interesting. Here's hoping it's not a quick time event.

It's going to be a quick time even isn't it? What did you guys think of the trailer?