New Controller... Because Microsoft Listens

From launch, in November, Microsoft has claimed that they will fully support the XBox and most importantly, that they will listen to the gamer. Unfortunately for them they have had to make good on their promise quite a few times. First it was the defects presentedin some units causing the scratching of the game-disc. Microsoft were swift to respond and replaced all defective consoles. Now it was about time that they reacted to, the many, complaints about XBox's controller.

From its release one of the points of criticism of the XBox was that the controller was very large and uncomfortable. Microsoft, probably in an attempt to convince that their console was aimed at adults, created a controller which most found tiring to use while the button arrangement was almost impossible to master. Gamers reported not being able to perform as well in XBox versions of games.

The release of Xbox Controller S marks a positive Microsoft move towards consumer demands. Initially the new controller will be available as an extra and will cost US$39.95.
If MS have been doing their homework though it should soon become available as standard in certain versions of the console.

The most important change in the new controller is the button layout. The black and white buttons have been moved closer to the thumb while more resting room is available on the thumbsticks.

The full feature list of XBox Controller S is:

-Six analog buttons with 256 panic control
-Two analog pressure-point triggers
-Two vibration feedback motors
-One eight-way directional pad
-Two menu navigation buttons
-Two expansion slots for memory cards or other accessories (sold separately)
-One 9.8 foot cable with inline release

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