New Far Cry Demo Level

New Far Cry Demo Level

What seems to be an officially released new level for the Far Cry Demo has surfaced and although there is no comment from Crytek or Ubisoft yet, it is fully functional.

This is the so-called "Research" level and once you download it you have to extract it into the /FarCryDemo/Scripts/MenuScreens/ folder. Doing so will overwrite the original demo map, so if you wish to hold on to that please keep a back-up copy of the folder.

The reasons behind the official silence, so far, on the existence of this map are unclear but since the download is available from official sources we can safely assume it is a legitimate offering. It was about time we got something new to mess around with since the original demo map has played itself into our unconscious, causing severe nightmares, intense twitching of the index finger and occassional Tourette's-like outbursts.

Text file description:

FAR CRY demo - oficialni pridavna mapa Research (opravena verze)
1) stahnete si FAR CRY demo a nainstalujte ho
2) obsah archivu rozbalte do /FarCryDemo/Scripts/MenuScreens/ adresare (stary soubor campaign.lua prepiste nebo radeji nejprve zalohujte)
3) obsah archivu rozbalte do /FarCryDemo adresare, tzn. FCDATA do /FarCryDemo/FCdata a LEVELS do /FarCryDemo/Levels
4) spustte hru normalne pres FarCry.exe, zvolte novou hru a budete hrat novy level Research.
5) pokud je pro vas novy level moc tezky, pouzijte trainer odsud: ****://
/// downloaded from             .:. THiS FiLE PASSED THRU [GAMES.TISCALI.CZ] WEB SiTE .:.

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