New Information on XBoy

New Information on XBoy New Information on XBoy

New details of Microsoft's plans of handheld supremacy have surfaced hinting that the device will play games, music and will feature Wi-Fi connectivity.

A news story in the Seattle Times claims that Microsoft is poised to launch its handheld product, also known as iPod killer, in time for the Christmas holiday. Microsoft's project, codenamed Argos, will offer a wide variety of XBox branded digital media and MS already has a few partnerships in place in order to support the device.

The J Allard led Argos project will base its services around Wi-Fi connectivity as this is the feature that will deliver content through home and public networks and is the one iPod is lacking. The device however, will also target Sony and Nintendo handhelds as gaming will also be possible. According to the Seattle Times story the new handheld will support XNA making gaming content creation for it a simple step for current XBox developers. If all this comes together in time, there is some doubt, it will also tie-in well with the XBox Live anywhere feature.

Microsoft has the advantage of an online gaming gateway in place while the Urge / MTV deal will most probably supply music content for Argos. What needs to be considered is if a device that will take on the iPod, PSP and DS is maybe just a little too ambitious coming from a company that is undergoing major restructuring; then again this is Microsoft without Bill Gates, so anything is possible.