New Spy Hunter Game With Rock Face

New Spy Hunter Game With Rock Face New Spy Hunter Game With Rock Face

Realscan 3D announced the delivery of a scanned, animation-ready 3D model of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to Midway Games for its new video game Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run. "The Rock" is featured in the role of the game's lead character, Alex Decker.

Creating the model of 'The Rock' was an intricate part of the development of the next installment of the Spy Hunter franchise, said Realscan CEO Frank DeMarco. The high level of detail players will experience when controlling Alex Decker was made possible by our innovative RealCapture process. This will provide them with a more realistic gaming experience.

RealCapture allows Realscan 3D to capture geometry and color at over 8 mega pixels, resulting in superior geometry and texture maps. It permits the capture of high-contrast black and white subjects and eliminates baked-in specular highlights. RealCapture also acquires materials such as metals and other shiny, reflective surfaces, which present problems to traditional scanning systems.

Our model will enhance the enjoyment of Spy Hunter players as they control Alex Decker on foot and take him from one exciting scenario to the next," said Realscan CTO Joel Thornton. "We are excited to be part of video game history.

Midway Games plans to release Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run at the same time as the movie launches, in summer 2006, for Xbox and PlayStation 2.

Featuring action superstar Dwayne THE ROCK Johnson as government super-spy extraordinaire Alex Decker, players for the first time ever can step out of the Interceptor and straight into 3rd person action, utilizing THE ROCK'S physical prowess to take down enemies with intense melee combat moves. In Nowhere to Run, the evil NOSTRA organization returns, this time with a plan to steal the latest government technology including the world's most sophisticated spy vehicle, the Interceptor, and it's up to Alex to stop them.