New Stomping Land Trailer Shows Camps

Stomping Lands

A new trailer has appeared for The Stomping Lands, the dinosaur hunting, cooperative survival title that looks more and more like the BC game we were all promised by Peter Molyneux back in the early 2000s. This one shows off the building of camps, letting you create fires for cooking meat, a homebase teepee and even totems that help you upgrade your tribe.

Other inclusions are the ability to customise your character by painting them up with different coloured berries and adding bones and ornaments to your weapons to help you show off your high end kills.

The voice over touches on taming dinosaurs at one point and suggests that at the highest level of tribe, you'll be able to train T-Rexs. Imagine taking on a rival tribe with your own personal army of dinosaurs? We have no idea how that would work at the moment, but "awesome" comes to mind.

Other things not mentioned by the narrator is climbing on ropes between trees, though it's not clear what the purpose of this is. It could be to spring overhead traps on dinosaurs, escape predators or perhaps reach tree-house bases.

Animations are all still pretty ropey, but there's some nicer textures coming in to play and here's hoping that draw distance gets a bit upgrade in future. I want to see the trees swaying when a giant dinosaur is heading my way.