New Wii U advert is very obvious

Nintendo's had a lot of problems with its Wii U console. Some of it was related to underpowered hardware compared to offerings from other companies, some of it is that the game library has been a bit weak until recently, but the biggest problem has been marketing: most people that would be interested in a Wii U barely know it exists and even if they do, they probably just think it's a Wii accessory.

That won't be the case when they watch this new Wii U advert, that makes it very, very clear that the console is a brand new thing; a replacement for the Wii rather than a neat addition.

Throughout it shows a lot of multi-racial and multi-age groups playing together, often with the gamepad player doing something different with it, like blowing on it - which seems like a simple way to get spit all over your touch screen - but in every instance everyone is having a whale of a time.

What will be interesting to see is if after Christmmas we start to see a bigger Wii U uptake. This would certainly mirror the sales activity of a similarly problematic launch console, the 3DS, which didn't do well at all during its first year and now has over 40 million of itself out in the wild.

Do any of you have a Wii U or plan to pick one up soon? I probably would have grabbed one if I hadn't spent a few hundred on an Oculus Rift.

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