Nintendo DS Specs Leaked

Nintendo DS Specs Leaked

As E3 and its official presentation, approach, hype on Nintendo's DS handheld console has faded dangerously. Unfortunately for the Japanese console giant, the specs of the new system have been, sensationally, leaked. This sad turn of events gives us the opportunity to mention the revolutionary device once more just as its 15 seconds of E3 fame are about to kick off.

As was widely expected DS will not bring about a hardware revolution but will rely heavily on the, hopefully, innovative use of its dual screens in gameplay. Below you will find the official Nintendo DS specs:

CPU Core Main Processor - ARM946E-S (Running at 67 MHz) Cache: 8 KB Instruction Cache, 4KB Data Cache TCM: 8KB Instruction, 4KB Data Sub Processor - ARM7TDMI (Running at 33 MHz)

Memory Main Memory - 4 MB (Debug version has 8 MB) ARM9/ARM7 Shared - 32KB (16KB x 2) ARM7 Internal RAM - 64 KB VRAM - 656 KB

LCD Display Size - 256 x 192 RGB Screens x 2 Display Colors - 262,144 colors 2D Graphics Engine Background - Maximum 4 layers Objects - Maximum of 128 3D Graphics Engine Geometric Transformation - Max 4 million vertex/sec Polygon Rate - Max 120,000 polys/sec Pixel Fillrate - Max 30 million pixels/sec

Sound 16 channel ADPCM/PCM (Max 8 channels can be set to PSG) Microphone input

Wireless Communication 802.11 Protocol

Input Device Touch Panel Direction Pad, A, B, L, R buttons, Start, Select (X, Y buttons being considered)

Power Save Sleep mode (WakeUp possible at set times or by wireless communication) Power save for 2D engine, rendering engine, geometry engine, LCD screen possible.

Thanks to Grimreaper62 for pointing us in the right direction for this info.