Nintendo Switch Pro might use Nvidia Lovelace GPU

A new rumor about the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro refresh suggests it could use an entirely new-generation graphics architecture from Nvidia. The System on Chip may be based on Nvidia's next-gen Lovelace architecture, rather than the more recent Turing or Ampere GPU lines. That would suggest a major uplift in performance over the existing Maxwell design, and may lead to performance that gets far closer to current-generation Microsoft and Sony consoles.

This rumor comes from oft-correct leaker, kopite7kimi on Twitter, who said that the Switch would use a new Tegra (Nvidia's SoC design) based on "ada," a nod to the inspiration for the next-gen name, Ada Lovelace.

This will allegedly be combined with the Orin SoC design that is being used in new automotive vehicle connected systems. That could mean a major uplift in CUDA cores — more than eight times that found in the original Switch. It may be that Nintendo opts for a more modest GPU, but if it pushes for that sort of performance, a next-generation Switch could potentially nip at the heels of the Xbox Series X and PS5.

With more portable games consoles with full Windows installs hitting mainstream in 2021, it could be that Nintendo is feeling the heat and wants to offer something more powerful to its gaming fans. Would you be interested in buying a 4K-capable Switch this year? How much would you be willing to pay?

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