Now is the time to grab a Steam Deck, as it's on sale for the first time

Been holding out on buying a Steam Deck? Now is the time to open your wallet, as Valve’s handheld Steam console is on sale for the very first time. The drop comes as part of Steam’s Spring Sale, and more specifically, to celebrate the first birthday of the device, which launched on February 25, 2022.

It’s only a 10% discount, so it’s not exactly the type of blockbuster sale that Steam is known for, but it’s the first time this hardware has seen a price drop, and it does mean a decent discount on a pretty stunning console. The price drop means you can grab the 64GB Steam Deck for $359.10, the 128GB variant for $476.10, and the high-end 512GB matte screen Steam Deck has dropped to $584.10.

Of course, as is now traditional where the Steam Deck is concerned, stock has completely sold out, and you’re now looking at a one to two week wait before you’ll be able to get your hands on your new device. But even with that in mind, it’s a great deal that’s worth jumping on if you’ve considered buying Steam’s excellent console.

The Steam Deck has been beset with availability issues since it launched, with many suffering in waiting lists while they waited for stock to arrive in warehouses. Valve seemed to have the situation back under control, but a sale will always garner extra attention, so it’s not surprising the console has sold out once again.

It’s clearly been a success though, and Valve is working hard to add Deck support to as many new games as possible. Right now, you can check the Steam website to see which of your library of games are verified to work on Deck and which will likely work, but it’s worth keeping in mind the console has some limitations due to the relatively modest hardware. Still, freeing your Steam library from the tyranny of your desktop or laptop computer is worth not being able to play the most demanding games.

The Steam Deck sale will continue until March 23, so you’ve only got a few more days to check it out and save.

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