Now you can hunt monsters for free in Evolve

Evolve was a game that I was pretty excited about before and shortly after its release. The combination of asymmetrical multiplayer, combined with giant monsters, evolutions, unique abilities and equipment made for an exciting game. Unfortunately it was too often mired with connection issues, overpowered monsters and hunt gameplay that could get rather dull after the 10th monster has eluded you for minutes at a time.

While those are all issues that the developer Turtle Rock will need to continue to address, it should soon have a lot of extra players to work with, as Evolve is going free to play.

The news was announced early this morning, but was somewhat expected. Evolve was pulled from Steam late last night, with the promise of an update coming soon and here it is. Evolve is now free.

That doesn't mean Turtle Rock/2K is going to remove all of the DLC that gamers found so distasteful when it was first released, but it does mean that matchmaking should be far quicker, as most games when they turn F2P gain a massive influx in players and can often make more money that way too, as the popularity encourages microtransaction purchases.

It remains to be seen whether that will be the case for Evolve, but you would imagine it would at least revive it for a short while. Evolve is very much a AAA experience, something that not many games can offer at a zero price tag.

Will you give Evolve a go now that it's entirely free?

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