Nvidia RTX 3000 Super GPUs could land in early-2022

Nvidia RTX 3000 Super GPUs could land in early-2022

A refresh of Nvidia's Ampere graphics cards could be just a few months away, with the latest rumors suggesting they'll appear just inside the new year, potentially joined by an AMD refresh of its RX 6000 cards, alongside a more definitive launch of its Ryzen 3D V-Cache chips.

Nvidia hasn't announced a Super-refresh of its cards, as it did with the RTX 2000 series, but it's somewhat expected now that its Ti variants are used as part of the mainstream early release of a GPU generation.

This latest news comes from leaker Gremon55 on Twitter, who said multiple times that sources suggest RTX 3000 Super laptop chips are coming in the new year, with desktop cards arriving around a similar timeframe.

The refreshed Ampere cards would be built on Samsung's 8nm process again, but would likely feature a refined manufacturing process for improved performance, as well as better binning for higher clock speeds of different models.The RDNA 2 refresh that could come from AMD at the same time will use the TSMC N6 node.

Greymon followed up this announcement by suggesting this launch will be around eight to nine months ahead of an Nvidia Lovelace unveil in October 2022. That would represent the RTX 4000 series, if the naming convention remains the same, and could well be Nvidia's first multi-GPU graphics card, built to a similar design as AMD's Ryzen chiplet-based processors. It's also expected to be built upon TSMC's N5 node, which could give it a significant performance boost in its own right, and help calm the power creep that was such a feature of RTX 3000 cards.