Paradox now owns Prison Architect

Mega game publisher, Paradox, has purchased the rights and IP to Prison Architect, adding it to its long list of titles and has promised to create more games in the architect franchise moving forward. It hasn't detailed them exactly, but suggests that it will cherish and care for the IP as best it can.

Introversion Software has been a capable, if under-appreciated indie developer from the UK since the early 00s. It made a splash with its first release, Uplink and muted successes with Darwinia and Defcon in the years that followed. Its real breakout hit didn't come until 2015 though. Prison Architect grossed tens of millions and saved the company from the financial ruin it skirted around multiple times over the years. Now though it appears that IP is moving on to greener pastures under the careful stewarding of Paradox Interactive.

“We’ve been building and managing this building-and-management game for nearly a decade,” says Introversion co-founder Mark Morris, via PCGamesN. “I think we’ve taken Prison Architect just about as far as we can, and we’re all eager to see where a team like Paradox can take it next! This also gives Introversion the chance to work on what we’ve got coming up next – more on that soon.”

“Ever since our partnership with Introversion in 2017, the Paradox team has felt that Prison Architect is a natural fit for our catalogue,” says Ebba Ljungerud, Paradox CEO. “We promise to exercise good behavior with this cherished title going forward.”

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