Perfect Dark 0 - New Images Details

Perfect Dark 0 - New Images Details Perfect Dark 0 - New Images Details Perfect Dark 0 - New Images Details

A Rare fansite has published two previously unseen images of the developer's first XBox 360 effort. The images, we are told, are from the single player mode of Perfect Dark Zero, a title which was greatly hyped by Microsoft but failed to make an E3 2005 appearance.

The images showcase two weapons from the game, a scope-carrying pistol and an AK-style rifle while one of the two images includes some nasty looking spiders which remind us of Half-Life 2 and Metroid Prime while some have compared them to the StarGate SG1 replicators. The spider-containing image also has a Deus Ex- Invisible War look to it but we have to remember that the images were created using the alpha version of the hardware that is currently available to the developers. By July most content creators for XBox 360 should have their beta kits ready to use, so we should begin seeing better quality images in late summer.

Other details of PD0 revealed claim that the game will feature 28 weapons, four of which will be carried by the player at any one time; each weapon is expected to have a primary and secondary function.

Players will also be able to use vehicles in-game including a hovercraft, a motorbike and an awesome sounding jetpack. Apparently the enemy forces will also have access to these vehicles which should make for some interesting encounters.

There will be two multiplayer modes available through XBox Live, Deathmatch, described as 50 player mayhem and Dark Ops, a kill-reward based mode.

Rumors began circulating after E3 claiming that PD0 might not be a launch title as MS did not showcase the game at all during the exhibition. It is however, unlikely that it is the case since Perfect Dark Zero is beginning to sound like Microsoft's XBox 360 Halo. It is more likely that the company decided against presenting the game at E3 since the title, due to hardware availability restrictions, could not be presented in its full visual splendor. This makes sense as the images available from the screens tab above do seem to be below next-gen par. Perfect Dark Zero however, promises to be another exciting, if not revolutionary, addition to Microsoft's gaming lineup.