Physicists scrap it out in new Science Kombat

Whether their speciality is gravity, black holes, or making apple pie from scratch, that doesn't mean scientists don't know how to brawl. Well, in the real world it does, but in the case of Science Kombat, where Stephen Hawking is able to lay the smack down on Charles Darwin without issue.

This free browser game is generating a surprising amount of buzz, simply by letting players take on the roles of some of history's most eminent scientists, to dual it out and see who the best in the world is.

You can take on the role of a variety of boffins, from Nikolai Tesla, Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, Pitagoras and Alan Turing, all of whom come with their own unique 16bit artwork, movesets, combat strategies and environments to battle through.

It's no Tekken or DOA of course, as this is just a quick, fun browser title, but it's still got people thinking - perhaps we don't always need to play as the muscle bound hero or the scantily clad heroine.

Maybe instead we could play as a scientist in a wheelchair?

That's not likely to become the new gaming stereotype any time soon, but the option is now there if you want it.

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