Pimax 8K and 5K VR headsets coming soon

Two new virtual reality headset designs from Pimax are soon set to hit Kickstarter, offering new, higher resolution displays than anything that has been commercially available so far. The new designs are said to offer 5K and 8K resolution displays with up to 200 degrees of field of view, which is not far off the entire spectrum that human eyes can discern.

Pimax developers have now launched a pre-Kickstarter page, offering our first look at the hardware since the developers added SteamVR support.

Physically the headset doesn't look too different from its traditional design, but as ToardToVR reports, this is somewhat to be expected. The big changes have gone on under the hood. What it appears to be lacking since its first unveiling, however, is support for the various accessories it initially touted like eye tracking and inside out tracking.

There are also questions about how contemporary gaming systems would support such high-resolution gaming and it's unlikely that anyone has a system that can comfortably do so natively. Pimax has a unique solution which effectively emulates an 8K image across both screens, though how that will look in reality remains to be seen. Pricing information for the new headset designs has yet to be announced.

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