Players don't like the new Rocket League loot system either

Epic Games made a bold change with Rocket League when it purchased the developer, Psyonix. It announced that the loot crate system was being replaced by a more transparent "loot blueprint" system. But apparently people don't like that either, claiming that it actually makes it more costly to get the items they want, even if they know when they're going to get them.

The previous loot crate system in Rocket League worked like many other games. You'd get crates from playing and you could buy keys with in-game currency or real money to open them. What you got was randomized, so people could spend lots of money trying to get what they wanted and ending up with tonnes of rubbish in the process. Now it's more the case that you just buy what you want from the shop, but it's the prices that are turning people off.

One player with close to 700 hours in the game claimed in their review (via PCGamesN) that the new system saw them spending 20 keys worth of in-game currency just to get one item. Another person claims to have spent over $50 just to get the style of car they want.

As much as these people are concerned though, they are only now appreciating what they've been spending in game because they're guaranteed to get it. This is what it costs to buy stuff? Don't buy it. At least it's an honest system that isn't tickling your dopamine receptors just to get you to buy more.

If it isn't as satisfying to get what you want, it's because biochemically you aren't getting the same fix from it because it's not random. That's a big change and one that should be welcomed, even if it ends up being more expensive. If you don't buy it, prices will go down.

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