Playstation 3 $100 Price Drop Next Week

Playstation 3 $100 Price Drop Next Week

Sony has already confirmed that they are "refining" Playstation 3's price cut, but they refused to declare its amount or date. Analysts believed that it would be $100 or $150 and that it would be announced just before Christmas. But all those speculations might have come to an end, thanks to a loose advertisement.

Circuit City advertisement stating their special prices for the week July 15 to July 21, 2007 has stated a $100 price cut on Playstation 3, reducing its price to $499.

When asked, Sony said that Circuit City is just a rumor, and hence refused to comment on it. Hours later, the ad was scanned and posted online. This time, Sony refused to comment.

It wasn't clear at first if this ad was a special deal specific to the Circuit City or if it's indeed a retail-wide price cut instituted by Sony. But later, a merchandising manager (who wished to remain anonymous) "at one of the world's biggest retailers" has confirmed to GameDaily.BIZ that the price drop is indeed retail-wide and it's scheduled to take place on July 12, although the first wave of ads to promote the new price won't kick in until Sunday, July 15.

Just before posting this article, Sony President Ryoji Chubachi told Reuters that "At present we have no plans" to cut the PS3 price, but our money is still on July 12/15.