Prey speedrun record drops to under eight minutes

It turns out that the 20 minute speedrun we saw for 2017's reboot of Prey was just a prelude to what's really possible in the game. One speedrunner has managed to now bring it down to less than eight minutes, begging the question of whether we'll ever see a Prey run that takes seconds, rather than minutes?

The actual time is seven minutes and 58 seconds and can be seen in the speedrunning video from Youtuber Bjurnie, below. Bear in mind, of course, that by blowing through the game, the recording does show you much of the game's content only found later on in its story, so don't watch it all if you don't fancy the experience being spoiled for you.

This isn't a glitch-free run either, so there are a lot of exploits going on. The speedrunner uses the gloo cannon trick to scale walls and even a humble stool to jump through a ceiling, in order to reach places in the game where collision isn't quite set up right. That lets players jump into brand new areas without needing to go through all of the usual trials and tribulations of the game.

Bosses are averted, puzzles skipped over and ultimately very little of the game is played. But it is finished in record time.

On top of Bjurnie's Any% speedrun record, he's also managed a Leave the Station record, which sees a game over screen appear, but doesn't technically count as a full run through.

He can do that in just over five minutes.

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