PS2 horror stories

PS2 horror stories PS2 horror stories

Rolson69: I can't believe how people acted today to get a PS2. At my local Wal-Mart store 6 people got arrested when they got in a fist fight over the last 2 PS2's. At another store 2 people were sent to the hospital when they were injured. They were thrown to the floor in the rush to get to the electronics department at the Target store.

Salad: I work at target store early in the morning( 4am to 12:30 pm), i went to work this morning and there were about 3 to 400 people were outside waiting to get ps2, they were there from 10pm last night one the security told me. we did not have any horrible thing happened cause we only have 40 ps2 and we gave out ticket to the first 40 people and they can leave and come back to get their ps2, no one without the ticket can get a ps2 so there is no hope for the other 350 people . they left! we'll get a nother 50 ps2 next week and that's it for the season but we'll get plenty in after christmas, i know cause i'm the one who schedule that shipment. so any of you guy want ps2, don't fight over it, wait until after christmas, there will be plenty for everyones! it's the same thing happened to psx , nintendo 64 and dreamcast. they always ship a small amount then right after christmas, there are plenty coming! hold your horses!

Does anybody else have any other PS2 launch day horror stories??