PS3 Background Downloading Soon

PS3 Background Downloading Soon PS3 Background Downloading Soon

Sony boss Phil Harrison has demonstrated how PS3 users will soon be able to download content in the background during a demonstration of the console's software.

While showcasing some new PS3 demos at the DICE summit, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Phil Harrison, during a SingStar SingStore demo commented, Some of you will notice that we have background downloading now. The lack of such a feature has developed into a major complaint from early adopters of the PS3 while Sony had been silent regarding the issue.

The choice to mention the resolution of this issue at this particular point in time can only mean that Sony have already addressed the issue and that a relevant firmware update is imminent. Sony has not confirmed Mr. Harrison's comments but it is likely that next month's European PS3 launch will feature consoles with the update pre-installed.

Harrison also defended Sony's model which allows for free subscription to the PS3's online services stating, While it may be free to the consumer, we know there are revenue streams for us to earn in other ways. We have a number of things that we'll announce shortly that will add clarity to that statement.