PS3 Can Do 120 Says Sony Boss

PS3 Can Do 120 Says Sony Boss PS3 Can Do 120 Says Sony Boss

Ken Kutaragi, President of Sony Computer Entertainment, has continued his run of controversial and truly odd Playstation 3 comments by claiming that Sony's new console will run games at 120 frames per second.

Speaking at the Tokyo International Digital Conference, last week, Mr. Kutaragi admitted that no TV, however highly defined an image it provides, can refresh the screen 120 times per second but he insisted that this was part of Sony's strategy of future-proofing its console.
Mr. Kutaragi did not comment on the recent BBC news story which suggested that the Playstation 3 would launch a good 22 months after XBox 360, although the BBC reporter involved has suggested that the time mentioned was a result of speculation and not of inside information. Time however, remains Sony's biggest adversary since XBox 360 is almost upon us and the Japanese company has not yet released an official launch date for its console.

The Tokyo event was a good opportunity for Mr. Kutaragi to showcase the Cell processor and its, rather impressive, capabilities and attendees discovered that the chip can decode over ten HDTV channels at a time. Sony's boss, who insisted on calling the Cell a Reality Synthesizer, also demonstrated uses of the cell chip for rotating and zooming effects. The Sony chief also discussed alternative Cell processor uses and demonstrated how it can be utilized to display actual-size newspaper pages, to make video conferences smoother and for simultaneous HDTV channel viewing.

Further demonstrations verged on the excessive as Mr. Kutaragi explained how Cell can deliver 25.6 teraflops of processor power by clustering a total of 128 Cell processors, each running at 2.5GHz.