Rage Graphics Suck On PC

id Software has always been one of the leaders of PC graphics, but it seems that this has come to an end with the release of Rage which runs smoothly on consoles and disasterly on PCs.

A few hours after its official launch, message boards - including the official Rage forums - got flooded with complaints about the game's graphical problems. The most common problems include very frequent texture popping-in and out, texture flickering and noticeable screen tearing when looking around.

Bethesda has acknowledged the problems and attributed them to "driver issues" in both Nvidia's and AMD's drivers. AMD was quick to release a graphics driver update to fix the problems but it only made matters worse until another update was released hours ago. The newer update fixed a lot of the aforementioned issues, but it didn't fix field-of-view issues, lag spikes, missing textures and frequent crashes.

The situation is not much better for NVidia card owners as the company recommended using the latest GeForce beta driver (version 285.38) which has no noticeable effect on the problems beyond increasing frame rate a little bit.

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