Razer's new desk concept fills it with touchscreens

Razer's new desk concept fills it with touchscreens

Razer has a unique new take on the gaming desk and it's not sit-stand. It takes the standard surface you play on, attaches a massive monitor/TV to it, and covers the desk surface itself with a range of slots for different touchscreen interfaces that lets you move around and customize various interactive panels for all sorts of neat digital functions.

As it stands, the idea is called Project Sophia, and it includes loads of build in functionality, like monitoring system temperatures, controlling fan speeds, adjusting RGB lighting, reading stream chat, custom game controls and macros, and a whole lot more. The desk itself is designed to work in tandem with specialized magnetic speakers which clip on to the side of the desk, and it has its own built in microphone, webcam, and lighting, showing just where a desk like this is being targeted at.

The desk itself will also function as a gaming PC in its own right, including specialized vapor chamber cooling and Intel and Nvidia components, for high performance, and relatively quiet computing. Reportedly the hardware won't be like it is in other gaming desks, though, with it being relatively easy to access, upgrade, and tweak it -- which would be a nice change of pace.

However, the whole design is a little gaudy, and having it all locked into a single system does make it both proprietary, and undoubtedly very expensive.

Also a 65-inch display seems like a lot to have just a few feet from your face.

What do you think of Razer's new desk concept?