Revolution Rear Revealed

Revolution Rear Revealed Revolution Rear Revealed Revolution Rear Revealed

Images from a Nintendo graduate recruitment booklet have appeared on the net and they include some pictures of the development process used by Nintendo in order to create Revolution.

The images, leaked in a U.K. forum, appear authentic and if fraudsters are involved they would have to be extremely able and have a lot of free time on their hands to create such an elaborate hoax. Shown in the booklet, are images of the design steps taken while creating the Nintendo controller for Revolution while we also get a glimpse at how artists sketch the characters that later make it into Nintendo games.

The most important news to come out of the booklet has top do with the first official glimpse at the Revolution's derriere which seems to have excited fans of the console even though it reveals nothing surprising or unique. Revolution will have a rather dull behind with the expected USB, display, power and fan ports.

This is really not the exciting news that Nintendo fans would have expected so close to the suggested launch of the console but knowing that Sony may delay its PS3 launch may give its Japanese rivals some ideas for delays of their own. We are all hoping that the Taipei game show next week may bring some new information on the launch plans of the two Japanese rivals.