Rick and Morty: Virtua-Rick Ality is out now

The first official Rick and Morty VR game has finally been released and it's everything you might have imagined from such a silly, but earnest universe and the creators of Job Simulator, Owlchemy Labs. Available now on Steam, Virtua-Rick Ality lets you step into Rick's garage as a clone Morty and explore various locations from the show, as well as conduct bizarre experiments at the bidding of Rick and Morty themselves.

As a clone, you don't have a whole lot of value to the pair, but there are certain tasks that need doing. You'll help Rick with his stained laundry, fix his car, charge up his batteries and much more, with references to the show at every turn.

While not a long game by any means - most purportedly finish the experience in around two hours - this is a game for the fans, with a tonne of easter eggs and secrets to find. This has left some people questioning whether the $30 price tag is worth it, as it's not the most challenging of games and the depth of gameplay isn't really there.

If you love Rick and Morty though there should be plenty to enjoy, as the game is pretty faithful to the experience - just don't expect to be going off on adventures with Rick, as that's for C-137 Morty to do. Your job is to fix Rick's computer or throw Mr Meeseeks balls around to get them to do dumb stuff.

The game is also VR only I'm afraid, so you will need an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift to play. The game is compatible with Vive and Touch controllers, so it's worth getting those first.

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